2019 Model Calendar

As part of my 2018 resolutions, I wanted to shoot more people as it was an area of photography I was not that comfortable with. After taking a few workshops with experienced photographers, I am starting to get the hang of it, though still a bit nervous about doing a shoot with just myself and […]

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Speedlight Contact Printing

As a way to get more consistent results, I decided to rig up my Godox speedlight above my contact printing frame. In order diffuse the light some, I used my Rogue XL Flashbender. This is my small bathroom setup, with the wet side on top of the sink, and the ‘dry’ side being a metal […]

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PrintParteh, Day 1

As part of the twitter community, I am working on my #PrintParteh skills. Depending on what part of the world you are in, some of these images might be considered NSFW (not safe for work), so forewarned. Yesterday was my first day tinkering with printing and I started off with coating some cream Arches Velin […]

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Photography Goals, 2018

I often think of new goals and things to stretch my hobby or professional career at this time of year. I suppose it is typical for many, but often I forget to check back periodically and/or update my goals as the year goes along. Portraits This year I am going to focus on breaking through […]

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Riverview Cemetery, East Haddam

For me Memorial Day is a contemplative holiday, one where I think about friends and strangers who died serving their country, most of whom were much younger than I am. They never got to my age and it is humbling. So on a misty, drizzly Memorial Day, I went to a local cemetery I’d wanted […]

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Emulsions in Rodinal 1+100

I poked around in my freezer and found I had 3 different 4×5 emulsions, all ISO 100. Hmm, maybe I can do back-to-back-to-back shooting with these, develop them all in the same tank and check them out. Maybe it will be of use to someone else? So why not write it up along with pretty […]

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Darkroom Day, Lith

I decided to take a Friday off and do some work towards my photography goals for 2017. Originally I hoped to get out and shoot some redscale with a few different pinhole cameras, but the day ended up being rainy and dank. So a perfect day to do some darkroom practice. I brought a number […]

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Macro Fun

One of my photo clubs has a monthly challenge, one for macro work and one regular ole photography. The idea is to shoot something with the subject matter and your interpretation of the challenge. For Jan, the macro challenge was ‘type’ as in typography. I just picked a bunch of random objects around the house […]

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2017 Photography Goals

So it’s always nice on the last day of the year to look ahead and think about what your goals are for the next trip around the sun. This past year I did a mix of cyanotype printing, straight-forward film photography, some lomo, pinhole and learned the basics of wet plate collodion. For Christmas, I […]

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