So on the site you can see my non-bloopers, I figured I’d add some of the bloopers here to my personal blog.  These are photos from the roll that either didn’t turn out the way I envisioned, or had some kind of operator error either in exposure or development.  As with the others, I developed at home using Ilfotec DD-X, 6 mins at 24C.  I agitated the first 30 secs, then 1 inversion every 15 secs.

So this first one I was hoping to get a bit more contrast between the rhodendrons and the background, but it just sort of looks “blah”.  I chalk that up to me being a novice.


This one of the trees and shadows on the snow is actually OK, but I was hoping to have a bit more drama with the shadows.  It just doesn’t say much to me.


This one of my brother I actually really like and would have added to the post on 52Rolls, but I had some dust and boogers on the negatives.  I am still learning my way around my impromptu darkroom.


Here is the other shots in the series of the Christmas tree and reflections.  1 sec, 2 sec, and 10 secs.  I could see adding the 10 sec one, but it seemed somewhat ‘light’ for the mood I was looking to capture.  A book I have on night photography suggested doing these kinds of shots at one set aperture (f8 in this case) and varying the time to get a feel for the available light and how long to expose each film.  If I do night shots, I usually use 2, 4 and 10 secs with my Fuji color or Neopan Acros 100, but I hadn’t done any shots with Kodak TMax, so I wasn’t sure what to times to use or how sensitive it would be.  The one I liked was the 4 sec exposure, on the posting on 52rolls.