There is something magical about loading up a 4×5 film holder in the dark.  I step into the bathroom, with holders and film, make sure all the lights are off and there are no light leaks around the bathroom door.  It’s a kinetic sort of experience: the thought of what ‘can be’ and you hope the results will equal your thought.

It is a similar thought when I load my daylight developing tanks, the beginning of the magic phase of photography.  Not so much that it is literally magic, since there are a number of chemical requirements that have to be met to develop or expose a film emulsion to light.  But there is some alchemy involved as well, a sense of developing art that is more intense than sitting at a computer, running a canned algorithm to adjust light levels.

At some point I will go the fully-monty and work in a wet darkroom.  For now, my mixed workflow will suffice.  But this aspect of film photography pulls at my inherent sense of craft.