52 rolls

“Stand in the Place Where You Live”

I couldn’t help playing REM’s Stand while my roll of film sat in the developing tank.  Not their best song, but I was doing stand development for the first time, using Rodinal 1:100.  After I finally got ahold of some Rodinal (Adox Adinol), I read this post by J.B. Hildebrand and thought, hey I can do that, I don’t even need a reason.

So this is a roll of Tri-X because how can you go wrong with Tri-X?  I’ve managed to mess it up in the past though, so you never know.  For this roll, it had been quite cold here all week, and frankly I’d been a bit swamped at work, so I shot a bunch of things near the house. Hmm, the REM lyrics even sort of apply to my subject matter.

I again used my Leitz Minolta CL and swapped…

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