Pinhole fun.

52 rolls

I’ve shot pinholes before, but they were pinhole covers for my SLRs.  I decided to get a couple dedicated pinhole cameras from a camera maker, partially so I could see how he built his cameras.  I hope to make my own, likely with some wood from my property and decorated with some carvings.  So I went onto Etsy and ordered a couple of pinholes from Vermeer, a 6×6 camera that uses 120 film and takes 12 shots a roll, just like my TLRs and a 4×5 large format that uses your own film holders.

For this week, I used the 6×6, though I did also take a few photos with the 4×5 but haven’t developed them yet.  If those turn out, I’ll probably post them over on my personal blog.  First I took a pinhole selfie using a mirror.  I believe it was about a 5min exposure, all with Kodak…

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