I have a lot of roll of expired (1999) Fuji Super-G 400 color film, bought off eBay for about $0.50 per roll.  It looks funky when processed in C-41 chemicals, and being a somewhat adventurous sort, I decided to see how it would look processed in Diafine.  Well, grainy, and some of the shots of vegetation look downright freaky, but it certainly doesn’t look like most anything else I’ve shot before.

My only regret when I pulled these out of the developing tank–I had forgotten the subject matter and when I saw the multiple shots of the church I remembered it was from a great sunset, during the Fall, and I was purposely shooting color.  Ah well, I should have gotten then developed right away.

I think I will try this technique again, but perhaps using Rodinal rather than Diafine and a fresh roll of color film rather expired.  My scanner, a Canon 9000f mk II, had trouble auto-detecting the shots, so I just scanned the entire section of film and then cropped in GIMP.  I also had to do level adjustment there to get decent shots, but most had a good curve, just very compressed.

IMG_20140222_0002 IMG_20140222_0003 IMG_20140222_0005 IMG_20140222_0008 IMG_20140222_0010

I think this one turned out the best, but I recall that tree being *yellow* and really bright in the setting sun.  Ah well, there is always next Fall.


For comparison here is the above photo as scanned (just cropped and rotated because of how I had to scan the film strip).


And the level curve on the ‘as scanned’ image from GIMP.