52 rolls

So one of my favorite musicians passed away today, Paco de Lucia, and one of his more famous songs is “Entre Dos Aguas”.  As it turned out, my week’s ‘roll’ is split between two cameras, and is really culled from two rolls of film.  And I shot a number of trees that were split at the base.

February is not a kind month here in New England.  We’ve gotten some of our largest snowfall totals and some of the coldest days and nights of the year in the past, and this year has been no different.  So I got some shots of the snow melting on the roof and refreezing hanging over the gutters (pretty icicles), which as a homeowner is a little worrisome–it means the gutters are either frozen up solid or just can’t handle the melting water, so the water flows over the edge and will often freeze…

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