52 rolls

Part of this project, for me, is getting beyond my comfort zone to do some new shooting.  This week ended up being a great start along that path, first with a studio lighting workshop then a parade and shooting more people shots.  Three rolls with three different cameras.  Not a single shot without some person in it.

My local photo gear store hosts a number of workshops over the course of a year, and they had one this past weekend entitled “One Speedlight, 16 looks” taught by a somewhat local studio photographer, Robert Harrington.  It was a workshop based on his self-published book of the same title. I had no idea what the heck I was getting into as I have never shot in a studio setting and never shot with models before.  Nerves.  Breathe.

I brought my digital Pentax, but also brought a pair of my film cameras, one I…

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