So I recently decided I need a scanner that can handle large format film, because while my lighttable + digital camera option sort of works, it sort sucks too.  Maybe if I got crazy and took tons of macro shots and then stitched them all together my results would be excellent, but I really didn’t want to bother with all that.  So I got an Epson V700.  My first one arrived non-operational, but the replacement (from Epson) arrived today and it works great.

I found a couple 4x5s and loaded them into the scanner.  Viola, nice scans.  I thought I had screwed these exposures up.  Nope, just a less than optimal digitizing method.

This first one was taken with my circa 1913 Kodak Empire State No. 2, normally a 5×7 but I flipped the negative to 5×4 and just ‘went for it’.  This is my first large format shot ever.  Holy mole that tree looks 3-dimensional.


This next one I took with a Speed Graphic that I thought might have light leaks.  I think it is (again) my less than optimal digitizing process.  A bit of focus/depth of field issues on this, but I am still quite pleased with the results.  I had hoped to get the building as well as the bridge in focus, but did focus on the swing bridge pivot point (that tallest bit in the bridge).  A dawn-patrol shot, so there was little light to focus with the ground glass.