52 rolls

For Christmas, my brother got me an old rangefinder, a Belca Beltica, circa 1951.  I have all the details on my blog.  I had shot a short roll earlier, but other than making sure everything seemed to work, I hadn’t had a chance to play with the camera much.  But needing a change of pace before Spring actually starts blooming here, I decided to try it out and loaded it up with some Ilford FP4+.  I was just kind of monkeying around in the woods near my house, then thought I’d try some ‘leading lines’ shots.  Chimney, siding, trees, rock wall, just about anything.  Most seem to lead no where, so, well, I need to work on that.

One of my struggles with this camera is figuring out the focusing.  It is a true rangefinder in that you approximate the range to your subject, set the focus, and shoot.  No coupled…

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