52 rolls

As with others, I used my pinhole for this week’s roll for Worldwide Pinhole Photograph Day.  I decided to go to a local state park that always has interesting things to see, Gillette Castle state park.  It is a castle, built on a bluff overlooking the Connecticut river, by a stage actor who made Sherlock Holmes famous in the US.  I took my Vermeer 6×6 camera, loaded with Kodak Portra 160, along with a large ND filter.  All the photos developed and scanned by my local lab, Cooper’s Imaging.  I did a little level adjustment on a couple of them.

Because it was mostly cloudy, most of the shots have a pretty even contrast throughout.  With the sun though, I had to dial up the ND filter to close to max to get longer exposures (most around a minute).  Only the last shot is without the ND filter, and I think…

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