I was in the darkroom for a while today and brought along my 5×7 Kodak Empire State No. 2 large format camera, along with an empty holder. The community darkroom I am a member of has a great paper cutter for chopping down large photographic paper to whatever size you want.

This particular size negative is expensive, and is kind of a pain for me to process. A 4×5 is easy because I have Mod54 insert for my Paterson 3-reel tank, but 5×7 would require either tray processing or trying the ‘taco’ method of curling the negative up with some hair bands.

So in between printing sessions, I cut down a 8×10 Ilford MG IV RC satin paper and putt in my holder, then went outside and took a couple test shots. As it turns out I put one in backwards (whoops), but that is the only one that came out.

It gives a pretty soft image, and the tonality is definitely reduced. I had to adjust the levels of the scan after inverting.  It reminds me of a lot of very early images, esp Calotypes/Talbot types. It also makes for inexpensive experimenting with my large format, which I hope will result in better LF images with this camera.

Studio 136 1/2
Studio 136 1/2