So I am searching around for my favorite papers, and I can’t say any of the ones I have tried have more than just passable.  First the Adox Art Baryta just curls like crazy, and it seems more difficult to coat than any of the others.  Arches Platine has been ok, but it seems to need very precise exposure otherwise it turns pretty muddy.  So I tried Arches Cover/Velin white, another slightly textured paper.  It was easy to coat, but the results were softer than the other two.  I used a glass rod ‘puddle pusher’.

A rather contrasty negative, but I figured might be good with the cyanotype technique.  Exposure in full sun for 12 minutes.


And the same negative I used with the Adox Art Baryta, only this time I got it turned correctly.  Exposure was also 12 minutes in full sun, but probably needed a bit more.


I had another, super-dense negative I tried, but even after 2.5 hours (!) half the image just washed away.  My other attempt was a paper negative, which with 30 minutes still didn’t have enough exposure and all of it washed away.