I moved back to Connecticut in November 2006, after my dad had developed a number of health issues.  I knew my mom needed a hand with things, even though at the time, my dad was still getting around fine and doing his normal routine.  A few years earlier I had come home for a Christmas visit and my parents had gotten a satellite dish, one of those huge ones you see behind TV stations.  We never had much TV growing up, and I had never seen a car race on TV before that I can recall.  But that December, I saw the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) runoffs from Mid-Ohio.  I sat, mesmerized because I had never seen sports cars, my favorite style of car since I was kid, racing around a road course in competition.  I think I watched about 3 hours of the race.

Anyway, my dad had a massive stroke in the Spring of 2007, just as I was planning on going with him to Lime Rock to see a sports car race.  A year later he passed away after going through a number of other health issues.  I still watched as much sports car and open-wheel racing as I could, but never went to an actual race.  Until this past Labor Day weekend.

I took my Yashica TL Electro-X, which I thought I had shot before.  If I had, I must have missed the light leaks from worn out light seals, because a number of my shots ended up with ugly light leaks.  I took a number of rolls of C-41 and B&W, as well as my 50mm Carl Zeiss Ultron (for paddock shots), my Pentax SMC 135mm/3.5 and my Pentax 300mm/f4.  As it turns out, the 300mm was overkill and the race cars were going far too fast to use it for close-up driver shots.  The 135 turned out to be pretty decent for most of the racing shots.

Rather than uploading all my shots here, I’ll just link to my flickr album, which also includes a few videos shot with my iPhone 4s.  Next year when I go, I’ll bring my dSLR for better video, and probably my Canon EOS 3 for film shots.

Alfa, Healey, MGA racing
Alfa, Healey, MGA racing