So, it is always fun to share how you might do a particular process. First I start with a slightly overexposed Cyanotype:

Then using some washing soda (arm&hammer I found at my local grocery store, not much needed in a tray of water), I bleach back the cyan as far as I think it should go. You can play around with this and only bleach back a little at a time, or get all the blue out. In looking at this shot, I left just a bit of blue in the print.

Then I make a toning solution using the cheapest green tea I can find, about 7 packets per 2 liters. I heat the water, then steep the tea for a while (2-3 hours, I was working and didn’t pay attention). Then I place the print in the green tea for about 30-45 minutes.

This print used Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag and Photographer’s Formulary cyanotype A&B (traditional).