So it’s always nice on the last day of the year to look ahead and think about what your goals are for the next trip around the sun. This past year I did a mix of cyanotype printing, straight-forward film photography, some lomo, pinhole and learned the basics of wet plate collodion.

For Christmas, I got a DVD on Gold Leaf Printing, so that will definitely be a goal this year, to learn this process, then print with one of my photos. Here is an intro video of the printing process and what is on the DVD

I also want to continue improving my wet plate collodion skills, meager though they are. I will likely continue with in-darkroom work where the complication of dealing with the process in a mobile environment is taken out of the equation. I discovered a fun technique where I enlarge a color positive onto the plate. In this case it was a Kodachrome slide from the early 1970s from a family trip to Maine. But this year I also want to go on location to shoot with my 5×7 large format.

lobster plate

In addition, I participated in the FP4Party on twitter and had a lot of fun doing that, esp the last month where I worked with my large format pinhole camera. This particular camera I hadn’t used very much, so it was fun to play with it again. The results were some of my fav photos of the year.

"Lone Tree", Large Format Pinhole, FP4+
“Lone Tree”, Large Format Pinhole, FP4+

I haven’t kept up with this blog as consistently as I hoped, so that will also be something I’ll work on in the upcoming year.

So to sum up:

  1. Gold Leaf Printing
  2. Wet Plate Collodion
  3. Large Format, pinhole
  4. Document more here

Always a little scary writing such goals down, but it also helps focus me in coming months when I will likely find some shiny new nickel to play with.

Do you have goals for the upcoming year? Maybe a blog post detailing them? Would love to hear about them.