I recently bought a Nikon FE to replace the FE that got stolen from me. It had been a while since I had shot it, but I recall finding it a pretty enjoyable camera to use. So I took a drive looking for mid-Afternoon shooting spots. We still have some snow on the ground from our last major storm, so some of the hiking trails and such were a no go for me (Mr slip-n-fall). As I gassed up the vehicle, I saw a large cemetery I hadn’t checked out before. Lots of tall monuments, statues, and even some crypts built into the hillside. And, at the very least the entrance roads were plowed, so I decided to bring my new-to-me FE on a cemetery adventure, loaded with JCH Street Pan 400 and with orange filter attached. I wasn’t sure if the meter worked (eBay seller said it did), but decided to give it a test roll to find out.

Old Willimantic Cemetery. This cemetery must have some former captains of mill industry buried here, as it is expansive and has a large number of 10 foot+ tall monuments and statues. Willimantic itself was a major thread mill town, and in 1880 boasted the largest cotton mill in the world. Today the small city has seen better days like many mill towns in the area.

All photos Nikon FE, Nikon 50mm/1.8 E-Series, orange filter, Rodinal 1+25, 10.5 minutes, 3 gentle inversions each minute. I knew JCH was a contrasty film and I wanted to even out the contrast some with less agitation than normal.

Seagrave Statue
Billings Statue, wonderful Stop-n-Shop
Small Angel.

Windham Cemetery. Windham is the town surrounding Willimantic and technically Willimantic is a borough of Windham. While this particular cemetery had fewer monuments, the ones here were finer in execution in my opinion. Maybe the light was just a bit better.

Smith Crypt
Smith, Crypt door
Door Detail
Robed Statue
Modern and Old Monuments

I enjoyed shooting with the Nikon and found the meter to be quite accurate, at least shooting these gray stone statues. I only had to seriously modify the Small Angel shot. I though I was using the exposure lock correctly in aperture-priority, but it didn’t seem to actually lock as expected. But considering the results, I think trusting the meter and setting exposure manually in some of those situations would work great.

Only one shot was really off, and I’, not entirely sure why. My only guess is the exposure lock was still on from the previous ‘overview’ crypt shot. I was able to scan it in and get something resembling a photo at least.

Bad Shot