Joe's Photography Adventure

Capturing light on film, one frame at a time.


This blog will be to post some of the things I learn about film photography using my various 35mm SLR and rangefinder cameras, medium-format TLRs, and my large format Kodak field camera.  I have only recently started down the film photography rabbit hole, but have already been bitten pretty hard.  In the past year (2013) I’ve gone from barely knowing what aperture means to developing my own film (B&W and C-41 color) at home.  I don’t have a full darkroom yet, so I scan all my negatives and sometimes make small color level corrections or do some minor cropping.  I am not very adept at photoshop (well, GIMP) so most of my postings will be raw scans or very minor adjustments.

This year (2014) I took the plunge and joined a great project,, where I will be blogging about my 1 roll a week for the entire year.  I will mostly likely reblog each of those posts here, but also add other film or developing trials and tribulations here that might not have anything to do with that project.

I am active on flickr, where I feel the copyright restrictions make for a better experience than other photo sharing sites.  It’s not perfect, and numerous great photogs left after they made their rather abrupt design change sometime in the Spring of 2013, but I’ve still learned a lot by all the contributions by the kind folks over there.


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