Ziatype Workshop

I’ve been hoping to take a Platinum or ZIatype workshop for a while now and my local community darkroom/gallery hosted one this past Saturday, with Jessica Somers teaching us the Ziatype process. I have seen her work before and knew she was an excellent artist, so it was great to see her in a workshop environment. […]

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Darkroom day, mini rant

I took a day off last week and spent most of the afternoon in the community darkroom.  The darkroom includes a gallery which is running a juried exhibit of an “Alternative Process” show.  If you are reading this before July 2015, you can find details at the Photosynthensis website. One thing I am often struck by alt-process […]

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More Second Pass Lith Prints

I made some extra silver-gelatin prints from my session last week knowing I would try out a few more 2nd pass lith prints.  Basically you use a bleach on the silver-gelatin print as far as you care, then re-develop using lith developer, fix and wash as normal. My first print was using Ilford MGIV RC […]

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Day in the Darkroom

I took a day off from work on Friday.  I originally hoped the weather would be nice to go out exploring after removing my classic car from its winter slumber, but it was wet and not so nice, so I decided to head to my community darkroom and make some silver-gelatin prints. I am still […]

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Cyanotypes on Cover/Velin

So I am searching around for my favorite papers, and I can’t say any of the ones I have tried have more than just passable.  First the Adox Art Baryta just curls like crazy, and it seems more difficult to coat than any of the others.  Arches Platine has been ok, but it seems to […]

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Cyanotype pinhole

A pinhole shot with my Vermeer 4×5 pinhole camera on Fuji Acros 100.  It is on Arches Platine, coating done with a brush (rather than glass rod on previous posting), and print exposure for 8 minutes.  I had one for 12 minutes and it was just way too dark.  A splash of hydrogen peroxide in […]

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Cyanotype, Arches Platine

We got snow in the morning and sun in the afternoon, so a great time to practice some more cyanotypes.  This one is from a 4×5 negative I shot in portrait in my 1913 5×7 Kodak Empire State No. 2 with its Bausch & Lomb Tessar lens.  Negative is well-balanced and sharp.  Exposure was 12 […]

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Cyano car

Another 4×5 negative using the cyanotype printing method.  This time the negative was quite dense and after trying several different exposures (10, 20 minutes) I finally settled on this one at 30 minutes.  I shot this with my dSLR rather than using the scanner, and I think the color is a little off from what […]

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Cyanotype on Baryta

I am starting to get into a groove of daily alternative print attempts, thanks to sunny days and easy developing. For this one, I decided to use a 4×5 negative taken with my Kodak Empire State No. 2.  I used Adox Art Baryta as the base, and applied using a glass rod.  This technique definitely […]

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First Cyanotype

I created a basic digital negative of one of my photos, and using a Photographer’s Formulary liquid cyanotype kit, made my first cyanotype. Using Arches Cover (Arches Velin) white uncoated paper. I brushed the emulsion on, let it dry, then used a very basic sandwich for exposure to the sun.  All I used was a 11×14 […]

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